Born in 1987, André Guiboux was graduated from the art school of Grenoble with the congratulations of the jury. He live and work between Paris and the south of France.

Erotic, political or oriented towards the sacred; the artistic practice of André Guiboux crosses a reflection on the role and power of images through a succession of passionate gestures which unloads him and attaches him to the world; in order to find, a moment perhaps, a primitive unity between things. His artwork has been exhibited at the 5th Orient'Art Express Festival of Oujda, the 17th Biennial of young creators of Europe and the Mediterranean in Milan, the 32nd Winter Festival in Sarajevo, during The Others the art fair in Turin with the Pauline Pavec gallery and recently at the frac-Centre Orléans.


2013  DNSEP, Superior Art School of Grenoble, jury congratulations
2011  Espace Urbain, La Cambre, Bruxelles
2010  DNAP, Superior Art School of Grenoble, jury mentions
2007  Villa St Clair, Sète
2020   ailleurs... ou plus loin, FRAC Centre-Val de Loire, Orléans
2019   Co-incidences, 6b, Saint-Denis
2019   Allume moi si tu peux! (One shot and clandestine exhib), CRD, Paris
2018   The Others, Galerie Pauline Pavec, FAIR, Turin, Italia
2017   IO, Fiac hors les murs, Hôtel de Gallifet, Paris
           Curated by Label NAU and Nicolas Mazet
2017   Group Show, Galerie Helenbeck, Nice
2016   Soul, 32th Sajarevo Winter Festival, Peace Center, Sajarevo, Bosna-Hercegovina
2016   Us, Them & You, Studio Place Arts Gallery, St. Barre, VT, USA
2016   Something Happens in Derry, Street of Derry, Northern Ireland
2016   Le temps menaçant, La Cimenterie, Lyon
2016   Retour de biennale, Château de Servières, Marseille
2016   Noise le bruit de la ville Projections-Débats, Noise Festival : 18th Residence, Barge du Crous, Paris
2015   No food’s land, Mediterranea 17, BJCEM (Biennale des jeunes créateurs de l'Europe et la  Méditerranée), Fabbrica del Vapore, Milan, Italia
2015   Histoires plurielles Passages possibles, ESAD-GV, Grenoble

2014   Not be apart from the world, 5th Festival Orient'art Express, Oujda, Morocco
           Curated by Abdelkader Damani
2014   Hélix, Rurart, Rouillé

2013   Exposition de Noël, organised by Le Magasin, Grenoble
2013   This is the place, Concierge Le Magasin, Grenoble
           Curated by Michela Alessandrini and Ekaterina Shcherbakova
2013   Trois semaines au « Train Fantôme » Invitation by the collective « Ici-Même », Grenoble
           Collaboration with Elsa Ledoux, Hervé Priou, Louis Emaure.

2012   Supervue, Burrhus Hotel, Vaison-la-Romaine
2012   du feu & du cul (Collaboration with Quentin Derouet), Xavier Jouvin Gallery, Grenoble
2012   In-Out, 22 Avenue Malherbes, Grenoble

2010   MountAins, Duplex 10m2 Gallery, Sarajevo, Bosna-Hercegovina
2009   Géographie d’un paysage, 10th Festival Quartiers Libres, Grenoble
2008   La 25ème image, Xavier Jouvin Gallery, Grenoble

2014   Rurart, Rouillé
2014   IPN, Toulouse
2013   Le Train Fantôme, «Ici-Même», Grenoble
2011   GMT+7, Ixelles, Bruxelles
2014   Bursary of the Plastic Art of the city of Grenoble, France
2019   Prière
2019   HER. HIM.
2014   Aladin is dead, Oudja, Morocco
2013   La praxis du choix ou la particule de bite, Essay / Manifesto



2018   Ed. CORPS 001

2015   Article, L'Homme marche dans l'image, Label NAU

2015   Catalog Mediterranea #17

2014 - Curatorial project of M. Alessandrini and E. Shcherbakova -

2014   An incomplete introduction - Michela Alessandrini -

2013   Catalogue de l'exposition de noël
2013   Article, L'art est un jeu d'enfant, Le petit Bulletin  n°878
2012   Article, Ni vu, ni connu, j’t’enflamme, Le petit Bulletin n°840



2017-19   Assitant to Franck Maurence, fr

André Guiboux ©