Total incredibility Project

Projet d'incrédibilité totale



Post  A4 under black frame. The poster in A4 frame has been sent to Gilles Fuch, director of Duchamp foundation, currently unanswered and without compensation. (Translation footer)


Affiche A4 sous cadre noir

Envoie postale au directeur de la Fondation Marcel Duchamp, actuellement sans réponses et sans dédomagement.




Incredibility total project is an original proposal of the artist André Guiboux.

This project is presented as a black tattoo on the entire nose. The nose hereis the priviliged instrument where we play our relationship to otherness. This claim is registered in aesthetic affiliation to drag gesture  Duchampian iconicart of the 20th and 21th century. This gesture is the engine of all artistic movements of this century and exercise an authority of the art history on all the professionnal artistic modalities.


André Guiboux in effect as visual arts have suffered by physical harm to privacy. Just as a social body being kidnapped in a game attitude and representation.

This social work invalidates 10 per cent of the totality of the face of the author.

Disability is estimated at 75 per cent for his career, 95 per cent for his lovelife and 15 per cent for various offenses facies (police control, border crossing, clubbing night...).


That damage is estimated at 15.450 €.

Victim of the consequences of the history art, André Guiboux seeks restitution to Marcel Duchamp foundation located at 23 Quai Voltaire, 75007 Paris.